Energyscan for C7H7- from 4-Nitrotoluene (C7H7NO2)

Data was taken on WIPPI on Sept. 1, 2007 with energy resolution: 0.080 eV
Electron Energy (eV)
Comment for this energyscan:
The abundance of (M-NO2)– is about five times higher for 2-NT compared to the other isomers and for better comparison multiplied with a factor of 0.25.
This ES was published in:  
Title: Identification of Isomers of Nitrotoluene via Free Electron Attachment
Authors: Denifl, Stephan; Matejcik, Stefan; Probst, Michael; Scheier, Paul; Märk, Tilmann; Ptasinska, Sylwia; Mauracher, Andreas; Sulzer, Philipp; Bacher, Arntraud; Zappa, Fabio; Beikircher, Manuel; Wendt, Nina; Aleem, Abid; Rondino, F
Year: 2007
Journal: Analytical Chemistry
Volume: 79
Number: 17
Pages: 6585 - 6591
DOI: 10.1021/ac070656b
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