Comparing C5H8NO- from Dialanine (C6H12N2O3) with S2- from Dimethyldisulfid (C2H6S2)

Data for C5H8NO-/Dialanine (C6H12N2O3) was taken on VG on Feb. 1, 2011 with energy resolution: 1.000 eV
Data for S2-/Dimethyldisulfid (C2H6S2) was taken on WIPPI on May 14, 2014 with energy resolution: 1.000 eV
Electron Energy (eV)
ES for C5H8NO- from Dialanine (C6H12N2O3) was published in:  
Title: Bond dissociation of the dipeptide dialanine and its derivative alanine anhydride induced by low energy electrons
Authors: Gschließer, David; Bartl, Peter; Denifl, Stephan; Probst, Michael; Scheier, Paul; Märk, Tilmann; Ptasinska, Sylwia; Mauracher, Andreas; Vizcaino, Violaine; Alizadeh, Elahe; Hager, Michaela; Edtbauer, Achim; Mason, Nigel
Year: 2011
Journal: Journal of Chemical Physics
Volume: 134
Number: 5
Pages: 1 - 9
DOI: 10.1063/1.3544217
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ES for S2- from Dimethyldisulfid (C2H6S2) was published in:  
Title: Low-energy electron interactions with dimethyl disulphide
Authors: Denifl, Stephan; Scheier, Paul; Mauracher, Andreas; Matias, Carolina; Limão-Vieira, Paulo
Year: 2014
Journal: Chemical Physics Letters
Volume: 605
Pages: 71 - 76
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